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Join the Yahoo Group
There is a PDF available of these details HERE Joining the NMDRS (Yahoo) Email Group  
(Please read through the whole of this page before proceeding).
You Register by putting the email address below in your email software or just clicking the email link:

(There is no need to enter any details in the email other than those required for you to send it!) You will receive an email as a follow-up - you must reply to that email when you will then receive a final 'confirmation of joining' email. When you go to the site (see the boxed area below) make sure you keep a copy of your Username and Password as you will require these to log-in to Yahoo when or if you revisit the site.

The Group is Private and therefore 'moderated', in other words your initial application to join will be checked and subject to being recognised as a legitimate applicant so please ensure you indicate sufficient information about your railway interests and perhaps where you are located on the Yahoo application page! (Some sort of entry on the Yahoo application to join page is mandatory for you to action it!).

Once you are confirmed as a Member and you wish to Log-On to change your email address etc. this is the Web Address to either copy into your Browser or,  just click this address line:

then make sure you BOOKMARK the address - then proceed to Log-On with your Username (Yahoo ID) and Password.

During the Joining process you will automatically be allocated a Yahoo Email address. AFTER you have joined it is highly recommended that you change this address to your usual email address. You do this by Signing On then once logged in look for a 'Gear Wheel' at the top right hand side of your page. By placing your mouse over the gear wheel it will give you an option of clicking 'Account Info' - this will take you to a sub menu where you need to 'click' "Subscriptions" Select "Newsletters & Marketing" and at the Page Top 'click' "Yahoo Account Information" (you will need your password here again) which will take you to your Profile Page - on this page is 'Your contact information' and then (IF YOU NEED TO) select 'Add Email' where you can enter your Usual Email address. Make sure that when you have completed this process, on your Profile Page, ensure that you have selected so that the 'Green Arrow' and word 'Primary' points to that new email address!

Check through the rest of your profile page to set your preferred options [AND SAVE ANY CHANGES at the bottom of the page!]

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Simplified Communication to Registered Members!

Once joined, to send an email to all members just address your email to: nantwichmarketdraytonrailwaysociety@yahoogroups.com
Please note that this will only work if you are sending an email from the same address as identified as your Yahoo Primary Email!
(This is to prevent Spam email being sent by others using your address!)
If you have any problems with this process please contact the Webmaster

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